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State of Nevada Announces
An Open Competitive Recruitment for:
APPROXIMATE ANNUAL SALARY -  $55,958.40 to  $83,394.72  PAY GRADE: 37
For more information on benefit and retirement programs, please see the sections below.
In order to receive consideration, applicants must indicate their availability for any work type, travel, and location requirements listed.
Work Type: A Permanent, full time vacancy
Department: Conservation and Natural Resources
Division: Division of Forestry
Location: Carson, Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa
Job Class Code: 01.868
Announcement Number: 40982
Open to all qualified persons.
Posted 10/15/2020
Close Date: 10/29/2020
   Phone: (775)684-0147
   Email: krschulz@admin.nv.gov
Applications accepted for another 1 Days 11 Hrs 45 Mins
The Position
Positions manage the inmate work program at one or more correctional facilities and are responsible for budget maintenance, project planning, community relations, resource management, security planning, and supervision of assigned personnel.
Incumbents function as managers who train, supervise and evaluate the performance of subordinate supervisors; develop policies and procedures; and allocate staff and resources to accomplish goals and objectives. The Nevada Division of Forestry's (NDF) mission is to provide professional natural resource and wildland fire management services to enhance, conserve and protect forest, rangeland and watershed values, endangered plants and other native flora. The Division of Forestry has a unique partnership with the Department of Corrections to train and provide labor skills in natural resource and wildland fire management to minimum security inmates to provide professional job skills for rehabilitation and to reduce recidivism. The Conservation Camps provide inmate work crews that conduct natural resource project work and respond to wildland fires; the Conservation Camp Area Supervisor is responsible for ensuring the three Conservation Camps with their region work to fulfill NDF's mission of natural resource management and protection. The Area supervisor provides direct supervision to three Conservation Camp supervisors and reports directly to the Conservation Camp Program Manager. The Area Supervisor ensures the camps are meeting their targets through providing leadership and direction, monitoring camp performance and producing reports documenting camp output.
The Area Supervisor ensures that Conservation Camps in their region are fully staffed with qualified employees that support and carry out the Agency mission of natural resource management and protection. Support for the Agency mission is fostered through providing clear explanation of State office expectations and providing an understanding of the importance of the Conservation Camp program in accomplishing the mission. This is a regional leadership position that represents the Conservation Camp program on the regional management team. The position is responsible for fostering good communication between the Conservation Camp, Natural Resource and Fire programs, as well throughout the three camps under the incumbent's direction and up to the State office located in Carson City. The State of Nevada is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action in recruitment of its employees and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion or belief, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, domestic partnership, genetic information (GINA), or compensation and/or wages. ***THIS RECRUITMENT MAY CLOSE AT ANY TIME BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF APPLICATIONS RECEIVED. QUALIFIED APPLICANTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.***

To Qualify:
In order to be qualified, you must meet the following requirements:
Education and Experience (Minimum Qualifications)
    Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in biology, ecology, forestry, natural resource management, business or public administration, or related field and two years of journey level experience which included conservation and natural resource management activities or fire suppression, and supervision of staff; OR Associate's degree from an accredited college or university in forestry, natural resource management, business or public administration, or related field and three years of experience as described above; OR graduation from high school or equivalent education and four years of experience as described above; OR one year of experience as a Conservation Camp Supervisor in Nevada State service; OR two years of experience as a Conservation Crew Supervisor III in Nevada State service; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience as described above.
Special Requirements
    Applicants may be required to undergo a background investigation prior to being considered for employment.
    A valid commercial driver's license is required at the time of appointment and as a condition of continuing employment.
    Applicants may be required to pass a thorough medical examination and physical agility test prior to appointment and for continuing employment.
The Examination
If there are five or fewer qualified applicants, the exam will consist of an application evaluation. (This statement does not apply for Until Recruitment Needs are Satisfied (URS) announcements).
CONSERVATION CAMP AREA SUPERVISOR (01.868) Training and Experience Exam
The exam will consist of a rating of training and experience weighted 100%. It is essential that applications include extensively detailed information with time frames regarding education and experience. Your score will be based on the information provided in your application and your responses to the questions asked below. If there are several parts to a question, answer each part separately. Along with each answer, identify the position(s) and/or training (as described in your application) where you gained the background asked for in the question. Absence of experience/training asked for in a question is not necessarily disqualifying. Failure to answer the questions will result in a score based solely on the application.

Qualified applicants will be contacted by the hiring agency for interview.
1) Describe your experience in developing program goals and objectives.
2) Describe your experience in prioritizing projects and assessing staffing needs.
3) Describe your experience in the preparation, projections and tracking of expenditures in a budget.
4) Describe your experience in supervising inmate crews/assigned staff, and personnel management.
5) Describe your experience in working with public entities on community service projects, solving problems and negotiating solutions.
6) Describe your experience working on Natural Resource Management projects.
7) Describe your experience with fire suppression and fire rehabilitation.
For more information about state employment, visit the following:
Division of Human Resource Management: http://hr.nv.gov
Public Employees Retirement System: http://www.nvpers.org
Public Employees Benefits Program: http://pebp.state.nv.us
More Benefits Information: http://nvjobs.nv.gov/Applicants/EB
Help us reach qualified candidates! Refer a friend by clicking here:
Direct Inquiries or Correspondence to:
Division of Human Resource Management
Northern Nevada
209 East Musser Street,
Room 101
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4204

TDD for the Hearing Impaired (800) 326-6868
Division of Human Resource Management
Southern Nevada
555 East Washington Avenue,
Suite 1400
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101-1046

TDD for the Hearing Impaired (800) 326-6868
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