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State of Nevada Announces
An Open Competitive Recruitment for:
APPROXIMATE ANNUAL SALARY -  $47,188.80 to  $69,739.20  PAY GRADE: 33
For more information on benefit and retirement programs, please see the sections below.
In order to receive consideration, applicants must indicate their availability for any work type, travel, and location requirements listed.
Work Type: Permanent, full time vacancies as they may occur in this geographical location.
Department: Transportation
Division: District I
Location: Tonopah
Job Class Code: 09.115
Announcement Number: 40385
Open to all qualified persons.
Posted 07/28/2020
   Phone: (775)888-7902
   Email: rstone@dot.nv.gov
Applications accepted until recruitment needs are satisfied

** Qualified individuals are encouraged to apply immediately. Lists of eligible candidates will be established and hiring may occur early in the recruiting process. Recruitment will close without notice when a sufficient number of applications are received or a hiring decision has been made.
The Position
Highway Maintenance Supervisors supervise skilled and semi-skilled personnel engaged in restoring roadway surfaces and restoring or constructing slopes, shoulders, culverts, structures, fixtures and landscaping.
Incumbents function as first-line supervisors who train, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff; assign and review work; and initiate disciplinary action. This position is located within District I, Blue Jay and is responsible for maintaining and preserving 117 lane miles of roadway, on US 6 and SR375. Incumbents function as first-line supervisors who train, supervise, and evaluate the performance of assigned staff; assign and review work; and initiate disciplinary action. Incumbents manage maintenance crews responsible for conducting summer betterment projects and winter incident management, road maintenance, preservation, flood control and cleanup, snow removal, and winter anti-icing/de-icing as policy requires; plan, coordinate, monitor, and inspect routine maintenance activities and major betterment projects; coordinate equipment, material, and resource needs; monitor work progress and productivity of maintenance crews including preparing, reviewing, and evaluating reports to track productivity, costs, resources, and equipment usage.
Incumbent will also work with department staff to identify upcoming betterment needs; participate in betterment reviews; and assist in preparing budget estimates and project planning charts for upcoming maintenance seasons. This position may be required to work alternate shifts and outside of traditional business hours. Typical schedules are four 10-hour shifts or five 8-hour shifts, but may include some variation depending on the needs of the appointing authority. Housing is available for $50.00 per month with a $500.00 deposit. Women and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. The State of Nevada is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action in recruitment of its employees and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion or belief, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, domestic partnership, genetic information (GINA), or compensation and/or wages.

To Qualify:
In order to be qualified, you must meet the following requirements:
Education and Experience (Minimum Qualifications)
    Graduation from high school or equivalent education and one year of experience as leadworker of a highway maintenance crew which included assigning and overseeing the work of lower level personnel, providing input on performance evaluations and assisting the supervisor in laying out a variety of roadway or specialty maintenance work; OR graduation from high school or equivalent education and two years experience as a Highway Maintenance Worker III in Nevada State service; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Special Requirements
    A valid class C driver's license is required at the time of appointment and for continued employment.
    Pursuant to NRS 284.4066, all positions in this series have been identified as affecting public safety. Persons offered employment in these positions must submit to a pre-employment screening for controlled substances. In addition, federal law requires random testing for controlled substances during employment.
Additional Position Criteria
    This position requires working alternate shifts and outside of traditional business hours. The hours are subject to change based on the needs of the appointing authority.
    A Class A commercial driver's license, including appropriate endorsements will be required within six months of appointment, and as a condition of continued employment.
    This position is for Blue Jay, NV located 60 miles east of Tonopah in a remote area, on US6 Nye.
    Tell us how you heard about this position!
The Examination
HGHWAY MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR 1 (09.115) Training and Experience Exam
The exam will consist of a rating of training and experience weighted 100%. It is essential that applications include extensively detailed information with time frames regarding education and experience. Your score will be based on the information provided in your application and your responses to the questions asked below. If there are several parts to a question, answer each part separately. Along with each answer, identify the position(s) and/or training (as described in your application) where you gained the background asked for in the question. Absence of experience/training asked for in a question is not necessarily disqualifying. Failure to answer the questions will result in a score based solely on the application.

Qualified applicants will be contacted by the hiring agency for interview.

If there are five or fewer qualified applicants, the exam will consist of an application evaluation. (This statement does not apply for Until Recruitment Needs are Satisfied (URS) announcements).
1) Describe your experience documenting the following: a) Status of stockpiles and inventories; b) Equipment and material use; c) Work activities; d) Project summaries; and e) Existing highway deficiencies.
2) Describe your experience reading and interpreting the following: a) Materials Safety Data Sheets; b) Schematic drawings; c) Standard plans; and d) Proposed construction and encroachment projects.
3) Describe your experience planning, scheduling, prioritizing and participating in both routine and complex highway maintenance activities.
4) Describe your experience with incident command system protocol.
5) Describe your experience with road and weather information for effective highway maintenance operations.
6) Describe your experience resolving worksite conflict in a competent and professional manner.
For more information about state employment, visit the following:
Division of Human Resource Management: http://hr.nv.gov
Public Employees Retirement System: http://www.nvpers.org
Public Employees Benefits Program: http://pebp.state.nv.us
More Benefits Information: http://nvjobs.nv.gov/Applicants/EB
Help us reach qualified candidates! Refer a friend by clicking here:
Direct Inquiries or Correspondence to:
Division of Human Resource Management
Northern Nevada
209 East Musser Street,
Room 101
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4204

TDD for the Hearing Impaired (800) 326-6868
Division of Human Resource Management
Southern Nevada
555 East Washington Avenue,
Suite 1400
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101-1046

TDD for the Hearing Impaired (800) 326-6868
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