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State of Nevada Announces
A Departmental Promotional Recruitment for:
APPROXIMATE ANNUAL SALARY -  $62,807.04 to  $94,398.48  PAY GRADE: 41
For more information on benefit and retirement programs, please see the sections below.
In order to receive consideration, applicants must indicate their availability for any work type, travel, and location requirements listed.
Work Type: Permanent, full time vacancies as they may occur Statewide.
Department: Public Safety
Job Class Code: 13.205
Announcement Number: 31719
Open to current classified employees in the specified Department, with at least 6 months of continuous, full-time equivalent service.
Posted 06/20/2017
Close Date: 07/20/2017
   Phone: (702)486-3046
   Email: jvilla@dps.state.nv.us
Applications accepted for another Expired
The Position
DPS Officers perform a variety of law enforcement and public safety functions within the Department of Public Safety (DPS).
Incumbents function as first-line supervisors who train, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff; assign and review work; and initiate disciplinary action. *PLEASE NOTE: For future vacancies applicants must meet the additional experience required by the division.
THIS RECRUITMENT IS TO FILL FUTURE VACANCIES THAT MAY OCCUR STATEWIDE IN ALL DIVISIONS. PLEASE READ ANNOUNCEMENT AND ATTACH REQUIRED DPS APPROVED INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATES, TRANSCRIPTS AND POST CERTIFICATES (BEYOND BASIC). MAKE SURE YOUR EMPLOYMENT HISTORY IS UPDATED ON NEATS (PROFILE) AND INCLUDE ANY ATTACHMENTS. DPS will be offering a Sergeant test prep class this year. This class will mostly cover how to prep for the written exam and one oral board question example. We will be offering this class in Las Vegas, Carson City and Elko (TBD). Please email me at Jvilla@dps.state.nv.us and I will send you a training schedule. The written examination, if required to test, will be administered on 7/20, 7/21 or 7/26 (Carson City) and 7/20, 7/21, or 7/26 (Las Vegas); Ely (TBD) and Elko (TBD) candidates will be scheduled around this approximate timeframe depending on availability of proctors. Successful candidates will be scheduled for the oral board examination 8/08 - 8/10 and 8/22 - 8/24, as required. PLEASE BE ADVISED THERE WILL BE NO RESCHEDULING OF EXAMINATIONS. THEREFORE, BE PREPARED TO ATTEND THE EXAMINATION AT YOUR SCHEDULED TIME. Attach copies of documents requested on the Training and Experience Section (DPS Training Transcripts will be acceptable and/or certificates of completion for DPS Instructor Courses). The deadline for the documents is when the job announcement closes. The Training and Experience Rating Plan examination will evaluate your specific education and experience as it relates to performing the duties of a DPS Sergeant. Please note that your previous Training and Experience score from 2016 may be transferred to this recruitment. You may email HR ( jvilla@dps.state.nv.us ) to review your 2016 Training and Experience score. Due to a change in State Human Resources procedures, if you have received a passing score on the written exam since 2007 (the exam's last revision was October 2006), your score will be integrated. No retesting required.

To Qualify:
In order to be qualified, you must meet the following requirements:
Education and Experience (Minimum Qualifications)
    Completion of a Category I Peace Officer Nevada P.O.S.T. approved law enforcement academy and three years of law enforcement experience, two years of which were at the journey level; OR two years of experience as a DPS Officer II in Nevada State service; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Special Notes
    Applicant must meet and maintain current Peace Officer's Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.) requirements as established in the Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Code.
    Incumbent must pass the Peace Officer's Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.) fitness test and possess the physical and mental abilities to perform the essential functions of the position as a condition of continuing employment.
    Incumbent must meet firearms qualification/certification standards and proficiency requirements as established by agency policy.
    Some DPS Officer II and DPS Sergeant positions are granted a salary adjustment of 5% for complex investigative responsibilities or the supervision of DPS Officer II's performing complex investigations that require additional experience and expertise. These positions will be identified at the time of recruitment and are assigned to the Investigations Division, State Fire Marshal's Office, Major Accident Investigation Team, and the State's Fusion Centers. Specific duties assigned to DPS Officer II positions are described in the Benchmark Descriptions.
    DPS Sergeants and DPS Officer II's, as a condition of continuing employment with the State Fire Marshal's Office, must successfully complete the National Fire Academy's Arson Investigation course (R205) or an approved equivalent course within one year of appointment.
Special Requirements
    A valid driver's license is required at the time of appointment and as a condition of continued employment.
    This position is subject to call-out or call-back.
    Statewide travel is required.
    Working evenings, weekends, and/or holidays is required.
The Examination
This is a 3-part exam: Written, Training & experience questionnaire evaluated and Oral Exam.
DPS SERGEANT (13.205) Written Exam
This is a 3-part exam consisting of a pass/fail Written exam. Only those candidates that pass the Written exam proceed to have their Training & experience questionnaire evaluated and to the Oral Exam.
Areas of Written Exam:

15 - Interpersonal Skills
16 - Logic & Problem Solving
14 - Reading & Communication Skills
20 - Investigations
30 - Law Enforcement
20 - Leadership Skills
DPS Sergeant-Oral
One part of the exam is an Oral Exam weighted-50%. Only candidates that pass the written will proceed to the Training & Experience evaluation and the Oral exam.
Areas of special attention on the Oral exam: General knowledge of basic practices of supervision; Ability to read, understand, interpret, implement and explain State laws pertaining to department and division policies, procedures, and regulations; review reports and forms to detect discrepancies and ensure compliance with policy and procedures; coordinate staff assignments and prioritize tasks, clearly communicate to give direction, provide instruction, and take command.

DPS Sergeant Training & Experience Evaluation
One part of the exam will consist of a rating of training and experience weighted 50%. It is essential that applications include extensively detailed information with time frames regarding education and experience. Your score will be based on the information provided in your application and your responses to the questions asked below. If there are several parts to a question, answer each part separately. Along with each answer, identify the position(s) and/or training (as described in your application) where you gained the background asked for in the question. Absence of experience/training asked for in a question is not necessarily disqualifying. Failure to answer the questions will result in a score based solely on the application.

Qualified applicants will be contacted by the hiring agency for interview.
1) Do you have a degree in Criminal Justice, Organizational Management, Business Management, Public Administration or a related field? If so, please list degree, and/or school attended, dates, program major and date degree received or course completed. (Must have minimum of 60 semester credits in related field if degree incomplete.) If possible, attach copies of all diplomas or transcripts to application.
2) Please list all POST Certifications beyond Basic you have received. Attach copies to application.
3) Have you completed classes, workshops or seminars; or participated in Toastmasters or similar organizations emphasizing development of verbal and written communication skills? If so, please list all classes and include name, organization, and date(s) attended and attach proof of completion.
4) Please list all DPS approved instructor certifications and PSTO certifications received. Attach copies to application.
For more information about state employment, visit the following:
Division of Human Resource Management: http://hr.nv.gov
Public Employees Retirement System: http://www.nvpers.org
Public Employees Benefits Program: http://pebp.state.nv.us
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