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State of Nevada Announces
An Open Competitive Recruitment for:
APPROXIMATE ANNUAL SALARY -  $46,938.24 to  $69,718.32  PAY GRADE: 35
For more information on benefit and retirement programs, please see the sections below.
In order to receive consideration, applicants must indicate their availability for any work type, travel, and location requirements listed.
Work Type: A Permanent, full time vacancy
Department: Corrections
Division: Administrative
Location: Las Vegas, Boulder City, Indian Springs, Jean, Henderson
Job Class Code: 07.643
Announcement Number: 31267
Open to all qualified persons.
Posted 04/17/2017
Close Date: 05/01/2017
   Phone: **None**
   Email: cchisam@admin.nv.gov
Applications accepted for another Expired
The Position
Program Officers administer a program or major component of a program by planning, coordinating and managing services and activities in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and established program performance standards and objectives.
Incumbents function as first-line supervisors who train, supervise and evaluate the performance of assigned staff; assign and review work; and initiate disciplinary action.
The incumbent will serve as the State Re-entry Administrator for NDOC. Responsibilities will include oversight of programs designed to develop necessary re-entry skills; conducting training and seminars regarding adjustment to community living; developing a network of community organizations committed to assisting ex-offenders; write, revise, and/or recommend implementation of a procedural manual to ensure understanding and compliance.

To Qualify:
In order to be qualified, you must meet the following requirements:
Education and Experience (Minimum Qualifications)
    Graduation from an accredited college or university in public administration or related field and two years of previous experience in planning, coordinating or administering a program: OR two years experience as a Program Officer II in Nevada State service; OR graduation from high school or the equivalent and six years of previous experience in planning, coordinating or administering a program; OR an equivalent combination of education and experience.
Special Requirements
    A pre-employment criminal history check and fingerprinting are required.
Additional Position Experience
    Experience with monitoring program activities related to federal or sub-grant awards or sub-contracts for professional services or activities.
    Experience managing a community program.
    Public speaking experience that included presenting before boards, commissions, and interfacing with leadership/management staff.
The Examination
PROGRAM OFFICER 3 (07.463) Training and Experience Exam
The exam will consist of a rating of training and experience weighted 100%. It is essential that applications include extensively detailed information with time frames regarding education and experience. Your score will be based on the information provided in your application and your responses to the questions asked below. If there are several parts to a question, answer each part separately. Along with each answer, identify the position(s) and/or training (as described in your application) where you gained the background asked for in the question. Absence of experience/training asked for in a question is not necessarily disqualifying. Failure to answer the questions will result in a score based solely on the application.

Qualified applicants will be contacted by the hiring agency for interview.
1) Describe your experience in workforce development and transition programs to include any of the following: a) re-entry efforts for inmate populations; b) interfacing with colleges, businesses, government agencies, community and workforce partners, etc.; c) pre-release interviews with inmates; d) conducting presentations and/or on-site visits to explain re-entry program mission, objectives and core principles; and/or e) developing individual correctional plans for inmates.
2) Describe your experience working in a correctional environment with the following: a) custody staff; b) non-custody staff; and/or c) parole and probation officer.
3) Describe your experience in the following policies and procedures program management areas: a) writing, revising, and implementing procedural manual to ensure understanding of program support; b) ensuring compliance with existing procedures, and developing and implementing new policies and procedures as needed; c) developing quantifiable goals and periodically measuring outcomes specific to goal attainment; and d) developing quantitative and qualitative evidence based goals and tracking systems.
4) Describe your experience in the following budget and grants writing and management areas: a) compiling data and preparing reports of re-entry program activities in order to make budget requests, identify problem areas, recommend solutions, and analyze program success; b) developing request for funding proposals (RFP's), work programs and narratives for budgetary and/or grant purposes; c) monitoring, tracking and recording expenditures related to budget and/or grant monies.
For more information about state employment, visit the following:
Division of Human Resource Management: http://hr.nv.gov
Public Employees Retirement System: http://www.nvpers.org
Public Employees Benefits Program: http://pebp.state.nv.us
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Direct Inquiries or Correspondence to:
Division of Human Resource Management
Northern Nevada
209 East Musser Street,
Room 101
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4204

TDD for the Hearing Impaired (800) 326-6868
Division of Human Resource Management
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